dinsdag 19 juni 2012

FASHION || Look of the day: Happy Jubilee

One of the two big events I have this month (which I already discussed here) took place! On friday my dad was 30 years in the business so my mom, my 2 sisters and me threw him a supriseparty to celebrate.
And the evening started of with this big plate full of sushi as a present (you can never go wrong with sushi, lots and lots of sushi =) ) My dad thought we were going to have dinner with our family, but in fact we had a get-together with family, friends and some of his colleagues! The party was a success, the night was long, the morning was early en the saturday was again way to long, but fun! I had a birthday party of the niece of one of my closest friends, so there were little kids, pie and lots of good food! There are worse ways to spend your saturday ;-)!

On saturday I wore a white sheer top (ONLY), dark blue pants (ZARA), a gold necklace (H&M), pink heels (New Look) and my leopard printed clutch (Berschka). Take a look!

 More cupcakes and candles! 

 My shoes look orange! But they are pink! Really they are! 
My accessories 

 Present time || Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty
 Minnie Mouse Pie
Dora the Explorer Pie! 

On sunday we ended the day with champagne (don't mind the mess :-))

Photos by me 

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