zondag 27 mei 2012

FASHION || Look of the day: Lady in Red

Red, red wine

Yesterday I went for some grocery shopping with mommy dearest! It was still early in the morning so the heat was still bare-able and it actually was quite chilly! I wore red jeans with my new leopard printed belt (already my favorite item in my closet) a white blouse that is actually from my mom and my white converse sneakers! Normally I really don't wear blouses, but that morning I had one of those days I didn't know what to wear and when I walked in her room this was the first item she gave to me.. and I must say I actually liked it! So maybe more blouses for me in the future! In the afternoon I had to do a quick wardrobe change, because it was so hot outside and I had to go to a soccer tournament together with one of my closests friends! But sorry no photos from the afternoon only the morning outfit ;-)!  Hope u had a lovely sunday! 

 In the afternoon I found out that my sister was also wearing her red jeans! True sisters! So ofcouse I had to take a picture from that moment! 

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