zaterdag 26 mei 2012

FASHION || Newbies from New Look

My sister and I went for a little bit of shopping today, well she actually wasn't planning to buy anything, because she had to run a couple of errands, but I on the other hand was searching for a maxi skirt! Eventually she came along with me and of course she bought something hihi.. But on Friday it is always extremely busy so we didn't want to take too much time, so we've visited three stores the ZARA, Mango and the New Look. The search for a maxi skirt seemed to be impossible, because there weren't any cute ones so at New Look I finally found a maxi skirt in the right color, but when I'm wearing it you can see EVERYTHING! So now I have to find something to wear underneath it so I am not showing my everything to everybody outside! Or I have to find a new maxi skirt of course..  Why is it always that you want something you can't find it and when you don't want it anymore you see it everywhere.. TO BE CONTINUED! 

Check our newbies below! 


My sister bought these nude shoes with a gold snake print detail on the platform and heel! They are so gorgeous! 

I bought my maxi skirt which is see trough and looks hot pink on the photo while it actually is more coral colored! And I also bought a small leopard belt which I can always use and well I love leopard hihi :-)

All photos by me

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