maandag 28 mei 2012

LOVE || Beyoncé

B is BACK! 

Beyoncé is back! Only four months after giving birth she rocked the stage in the Revel in Atlantic City. Not just one night, but 4 nights in a row! And boy did she look goooood! Her outfits are amazing, she is back in shape and sings her lungs out... Miss Sascha Fierce is officially back! On her own website she posted photos from the concert and two behind the scenes videos of "her comeback".  I love the behind the scenes videos, because they really show how she is handling her bizz which, I think, is quite inspiring! I love Beyoncé, I think she is an amazing singer and perfomer who still actually sings and can dance at the same time. She is a legend in the making. The behind the scenes videos you can check here, don't forget to check out the rest of her new and improved website and take a peek inside her personal life! 

Photos of the Revel concerts

All photos from Beyoncé 

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