vrijdag 11 mei 2012

LOOK OF THE DAY || "Let's talk Business"

Busines Babe

Today I had a job interview and I've always had a problem picking out an outfit for a job interview. Until  somebody told me that even though you have an idea of what the employees will wear, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed! I mean you always have an idea (well at least I do) of what the people in the company will wear, picture that in your mind and then overdress it.. haha I am not sure if this "rule" is appliable to every job interview, but until now it has always worked for me! 

I went for a simple black ensemble, because you can never go wrong with black. I decided to spice it up with a red blazer and because the weather looks like Fall (read: sucky) here in Amsterdam and you never know when you can expect a nice rain shower I decided to wear my long black leather boots! To finish it off I brought my big black leather croco bag! 

My Look:




All photo's up and above by me

Red blazer || ZARA
Black TankTop || Stradivarius
Jeans || Levi's
Boots || Manfield
Bag || Joy & Peace 

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