maandag 2 juli 2012

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Birthday Girl

It's been a week since my birthday and I finally found the time to post some pictures of my birthday! On my birthday my mom took me out for some lunch in the city which was a perfect time to wear my new leopard loafers I got from my sisters! They find them absolutely repulsive, but I love them haha!  I was so happy I got them, I had to wear them immediately. I wore it with my red skinnies (Stradivarius), a white sheer top (ONLY), my brown leather jacket (H&M against AIDS), my faux fur (Stradivarius). After lunch we went shopping, where I could have some changing room fun. My mom ended up being the only one who bought something and I went home empty handed (well not really, I took home several birthday cakes and some macaroons, but that is not the same). In the evening friends and some familymembers came over to celebrate my birthday. It was such a nice and relaxed day and I am so spoiled everybody took the time to congratulate me and came over! 
Take a look and enjoy, HAPPY MONDAY


My Steve Maddens I wore yesterday when I had a birthday lunch with my family in Rotterdam! They are actually very comfortable =)! 

Photos by me

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