zaterdag 21 juli 2012

LIFESTYLE // LOVE || Jiokshop at the Swan Market

Little Things for Big Smiles

Last Sunday I went to the Swan Market* in Rotterdam to support the launch of the online shop Jiokshop. This webshop mainly sells socially responsible products from recycled materials or products that are socially responsible produced. The products are a combination of East and West and are most often made from old materials or patterns, but then in a new school kinda way. It's a way to share Jiok's passion for products with a socially responsible or environmentally friendly touch. Buttt... to be totally honest not all products are eco friendly, but these little "sins" are just way too much fun not to show you! But, first and foremost, the Jiokshop strives to offer products that are not only fun and original, but also contribute to the environment and/or society. It's all about durability! Take a look at her stand at the Swan Market and don't forget to check out the webshop Jiokshop! Jiokshop also has Facebook and Twitter (follow here and here) and Instagram (username = jioks)! Follow follow follow to stay updated! 

*The Swan Market is a market where you can find lifestyle products, fashion, vintage, jewelry and accessories and affordable art. There are also stands with biological products and delicious food and drinks.

Photos by me and Jiokshop

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