zaterdag 14 juli 2012

FASHION // REPORT || Love, Fuck Yeah! Bas Kosters at AFW SS 2013

Love, Fuck Yeah || Bas Kosters || Amsterdam Fashion Week SS 2013

Yesterday I attended the fashion show of Dutch Designer Bas Kosters together with my good friend and stylist Merit Bakker! The show started with a short interview between Margreet Dolman and Bas Kosters himself about the collection. The show was as always extravagant filled with colors and full of love! It was a true love party filled with heart prints and other crazy prints on the designs and a mix of all the cheesy love songs you can think of! SO MUCH FUN!  The masks were made by Esther de Groot who looked like long hairy beards. The love party of Bas Kosters ended with a wedding party with a huge wedding cake! A show to remember! Take a look!

As you can see, my camera wasn't working as I wanted too! But Thank God for Team Peter Stigter who makes amazing photos! So take a clear look at the collection! 

Photos via Team Peter Stigter and me

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